Message about this historical moment

We are going through a historic moment worldwide, where for the first time our race has to be united in solidarity and love.

Circumstances that have several edges, one of them is the conspiracy theories of different nature and branches, of different ideologies, that in the long run are against ourselves, that in short you choose the one you choose is a way to increase the suffering, slavery and submission to the evil and selfish governments lost by the aimless ambition.

But another of them and the most important and real for me and I assume for many of you, is that it allowed us to give ourselves time to know ourselves, to be still for the first time in a long time and to see and understand life from a new perspective, to see what really matters and what does not. To realize that we are letting our precious, brief time on this beautiful planet pass and suddenly it is over without having had space to listen to our true selves and to seek our real life purpose.

A great moment where all of us who were starting to talk about self-knowledge, spirituality etc., and give ourselves small spaces to look for something different from what was taught or imposed on us, start now if not only to make it part of our lives but essential.

And begin to be governed by what our instinct dictates, our Heart.

We have to create a new paradigm where most of the ways that are common today will not exist, a completely different way of living, interrelating, with a scale of priorities and ambitions completely opposite to the current ones.

An opportunity for a new beginning, where we must promise ourselves and write down our promises so as not to forget, not to live in a certain way again, to dedicate time to what each one considers truly important, including if it is possible to help the other in some way, and to start with everything that was forgotten and kept in a drawer who knows how long.

New Life, New Opportunity, Soul Awakening, Pure Consciousness, Open Heart, Connection with our Mother Earth and the Universe, LOVE!

It is the sacred and perpetual vocabulary of this New Cycle of Light.

Ezequiel 07/05/2020

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