Pueblo del Sol – Building a new reality


We are a project dedicated to humanitarian transformation, to seek a better way of life, recovering ancient traditions, in permanent contact and respect for our Mother Earth, together with the indigenous communities of Oaxaca and those people of the world who want to join us.

Focused on organic agriculture, on preserving the customs and roots, step by step, we are creating a new reality based on the people, by improving working conditions, education, housing and above all centered on LOVE.

A context where people can live surrounded by prosperity, abundance, appreciation and integration.

To manifest ourselves as we are, to take advantage of our natural gifts and to enjoy the gifts of our mother Earth, while caring for and worshipping her.

Pueblo del Sol


To be able to live in a different way, where we can be who we truly are, to develop to the maximum what we enjoy doing, with a look of love towards oneself, towards our indigenous communities and all human beings. To be aware of and grateful to Pachamama and her gifts, so that we can enjoy them forever.


To build a new reality based on recovering values, to build from LOVE a new model of village, with everything necessary and enough to enjoy life, where harmony and joy prevail and then spread it around the world.


LOVE: The driving force behind everything

INTEGRATION: Working together for the same goal

ABUNDANCE: Being aware that we have everything to be happy

PROSPERITY: Results of our daily work and effort

CONSCIOUS EDUCATION: That provides freedom and opennes