The project Pueblo del Sol emerges as a dream of its founder Ezequiel Ayarza Sforza. Today, a team of more than 50 people are part of this sustainable project dedicated to humanitarian transformation.


Ezequiel is the founder of the Pueblo del Sol project.

Here are some highlights from his resume:

  • Graduated in Economics. MBA
  • Corporate training in the oil, aviation, banking, entertainment and marketing industries.
  • Founder of his own interactive marketing agency SQUAD, a firm awarded by the video game KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM.
  • Founder of the SUSTAINABLE PROJECT Pueblo del Sol based on organic agriculture, cultural activities, arts and crafts classes, shaping a new educational system with indigenous communities in the sierra of Oaxaca and people from around the world who are seeking to live in a different way.

TEDx talk: An inner journey

In the TEDx Puerto Escondido Talk, Ezequiel told his story and all the experiences he went through to build his project: “Pueblo del Sol”. Through a process of self-knowledge and spirituality, which helped him to focus and from the soul discover his true path and listen to his heart.


To make this dream come true, Ezequiel has surrounded himself with a formidable team of people who combine their strength, knowledge and skills to bring to life a project that seeks to return to nature, protecting customs and roots, improving working conditions, education and integration of people with Mother Earth, while treating her with care, respect, gratitude and having fun in the process.