- Creating a New Reality

We are more than just a project; we are a movement dedicated to humanitarian transformation.
We are passionate about seeking a better way of life, reclaiming valuable ancestral traditions,
and honoring our connection with Mother Earth. In collaboration with the vibrant indigenous
communities of Oaxaca and those who wish to join us from around the world, we are building a
shared dream: the dream of a better life.

Imagine a place where love, abundance, prosperity, and integration are the fabric of daily life.
That is our goal at Pueblo del Sol. We are step by step building a new model of community,
based on organic agriculture, bio-construction, and a different economic system. Here, every
individual has the opportunity to develop their natural gifts, while we explore a more open and
less structured educational approach, in constant harmony with nature.

Organic Honey: Connection with Nature and Pure Flavor

Immersed in the heart of Pueblo del Sol, our beekeepers work in harmony with nature to offer you the purest organic honey. In collaboration with bees, tireless guardians of our ecosystem, we collect this golden nectar with respect and gratitude towards Mother Earth. Every drop of our honey is an invitation to taste the very essence of the biodiversity that surrounds us, while promoting the conservation of bees and their natural habitat.
Apiario Pueblo del Sol Oaxaca

Organic Coffee: Sustainable Energy, Authentic Flavor

At Pueblo del Sol, we cultivate more than just coffee beans; we cultivate deep relationships with the land and local communities. Our organic coffee is the result of a careful and respectful process, from seed to cup. Every sip of our ancestral drink transports you to the lush fields where it is grown, while supporting sustainable agricultural practices and strengthening community ties. Discover the authentic flavor of coffee that nourishes body, mind, and soul.
Our project - Pueblo del Sol

Ceramics: Art Inspired by Nature

Our potters create beauty from clay, inspired by the colors, shapes, and textures that surround us in Town of the Sun. Each piece of ceramics is more than an object; it is an expression of our connection with the earth and human creativity. Through ancestral techniques and deep respect for natural materials, our works convey the very essence of Mother Earth. Discover the magic of ceramics in our hands and take home a piece of our community.
Our project - Pueblo del Sol

Natural Cosmetics: Personal Care in Harmony with Nature

At Pueblo del Sol, we believe in the healing power of natural ingredients for personal care. Our cosmetics are made with love and respect for Mother Earth, using plants and herbs organically grown in our community. Each product is an invitation to nurture your skin and spirit with the purity of nature, while connecting with ancient traditions of personal care. Discover the balance and harmony offered by our natural cosmetics, a blessing for you and the planet.
Productos Pueblo del Sol

Our Founder

Pueblo del Sol arises from the vision of its founder, Ezequiel Ayarza Sforza, an ArgentineMexican economist who, driven by the dream of integrating indigenous communities with the
rest of the world, decided to leave his corporate life and return to nature after working in
industries as diverse as aerospace, oil, banking, entertainment, and advertising. His interactive
marketing agency, Squad, was awarded for developing the video game Kerbal Space Program

The sustainability pioneer is also the founder of Casa Bautista in Sia’an Kaan, Tulum, winner of
the Wallpaper Design Awards in 2020, and meanwhile visiting Pueblo del Sol, a luxury boutique
hotel in Puerto Escondido, the main client of Pueblo del sol, as its guests, besides consuming and
interacting with all the products from the communities of Pueblo del Sol, have the opportunity
to enrich their experience by immersing themselves in the Oaxacan jungle and living an
authentic connection with nature, while observing and learning how a sustainable community is
built from scratch at Pueblo del Sol.

Ayarza Sforza, or simply “Eze,” is also the author of the musical album “Chapters,” an
autobiographical record where he recounts throughout 10 songs his experiences and learnings
with the hope of connecting with more people seeking to contribute to the creation of a new
reality and that more places like Pueblo del sol expand throughout the world

Interested in knowing more?

We invite you to immerse yourself in this unique experience! Come and enjoy our eco-lodge, a space completely immersed in nature where each sunrise inspires inner transformation. Our accommodations are designed to offer you comfort and privacy while you immerse yourself in this collaborative community project, close to the roots of the earth.