Valentine’s Day in the Oaxacan Jungle

An Intimate and Transformative Experience

This Valentine’s Day, immerse yourself in a unique experience of connection and peace as a couple in over 800 hectares of abundant jungle in Pueblo del Sol. Take romance beyond the ordinary, merging a comfortable and relaxing stay with the authenticity of the wild Oaxacan Sierra. Below, we share an itinerary and some ideas to make this Valentine’s Day a unique experience in Pueblo del Sol. 

Sleep Amidst the Jungle 

Awaken your senses in our private eco-lodges, immersed in the serenity of the jungle. Forget the stress of the city, disconnect from the world, and create intimate moments with your partner in nature in these spacious rooms with a relaxing balcony with a hammock and special amenities such as coffee and honey made in Pueblo del Sol, as well as a complete bath amenities kit. 

Pueblo del Sol couple

Picnic for the Soul 

Indulge in a picnic in the midst of the jungle, uplifting your mood and clearing your mind. Surrounded by the unique beauty of the Oaxacan Sierra, enjoy a gastronomic experience from our restaurant Al Monte with fresh local foods and ingredients grown in Pueblo del Sol. Connect with your partner while savoring local delights in a spectacular green setting. 

Special Dinner Under the Stars 

Immerse yourself in the magic of the night with a special dinner. Taste delicious dishes with regional products and organically grown ingredients in Pueblo del Sol while discussing memorable moments in your relationship. At Al Monte, we create a romantic and intimate atmosphere for each dinner to be a grand celebration of love. 

Al Monte Pueblo del Sol

New Adventures 

Experience the thrill of doing something new together as a couple, such as sliding from our zipline of over 500 meters that crosses the jungle with views of the sea of Puerto Escondido. Dive into the world of bees in our exciting honey workshop, learning all the secrets of this exquisite elixir while daring to surround yourselves with bees in the apiaries. Finish with a delicious tasting of different types of honey. Awaken the adventurous spirit as a couple while strengthening your bond with different activities in Pueblo del Sol. 

Apiario Pueblo del Sol Oaxaca

Couples Massage 

Enjoy a couples massage in Pueblo del Sol. Renewing energy, reducing stress, and strengthening your emotional connection with our treatments. Among them, enjoy a holistic massage, deep tissue, reiki, and sports massage. Let the magic of the jungle envelop you as you immerse yourselves in an oasis of relaxation. 

Natural Gifts: Expressions of Love and Care 

This Valentine’s Day, whether you visit Pueblo del Sol or are in another destination, our suggestion is to use the language of love in gifts, especially those that come directly from nature. Pamper your partner with our special kits featuring soaps made with honey from Pueblo del Sol, ideal for soft and moisturized skin. Also, the exfoliant made from cocoa and coffee hydrates and revitalizes your skin, preventing cellulite and orange peel skin. Gift a moment of relaxation with our kits available in our online store. Explore our products here. 

Productos Pueblo del Sol

This Valentine’s Day, immerse yourself in the exclusive and transformative experience that only Pueblo del Sol can offer in the Oaxacan Sierra. Connect with your partner, with nature, and with yourself, creating unforgettable memories that will last forever. Discover our Ultimate Sierra Experience that includes the entire itinerary; only massages are offered at an additional cost. 

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