Andrés Trujillo: Cooking at Pueblo del Sol

Hello, I’m Andrés Trujillo, the chef at Restaurant Al Monte in Pueblo del Sol, and I want to share with you my experience cooking in this special place. 

Inspiration in Nature

Every day, as I delve into the culinary universe of Pueblo del Sol, I find an endless source of inspiration in the nature surrounding us. Each element propels me to create dishes that honor the earth and celebrate its gifts. 

We’re motivated by Pueblo del Sol’s mission to create a different reality, contributing our part by seeking how to harness the land while simultaneously giving back to it. This responsibility is even more vital in our remote environment. 

Highlighting Local Flavors


At Al Monte, we take pride in using fresh, local ingredients that reflect the gastronomic richness of Oaxaca. I’ve learned techniques for preparing maize from nearby areas like Huarumbo, and implemented it in our kitchen on the comal, becoming an essential pillar of what Al Monte offers, along with fishing, where we work with fishermen who seek to revolutionize product care and responsible fishing. 

Creating Unique Culinary Experiences

For me, cooking at Pueblo del Sol is more than feeding the body; it’s about nourishing the soul. Our cozy atmosphere invites guests to relax and connect, fostering enjoyable conversations and unforgettable interactions. The closeness among diners in this remote space of over 800 hectares of jungle unites us, creating a unique experience where they leave as friends. 

Our Commitment

We strive to care for the environment and offer nutritious and healthy menus. We use high-quality ingredients, such as our exceptional organic quesillo. This responsibility is even greater as we offer this experience in our remote environment at Pueblo del Sol. 

I invite you to discover the magic of our cuisine at Al Monte and live a unique culinary experience amid the Oaxacan jungle. 

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